1 January 20176.
Increase in provision1.31.3
Release of provision(0.3)(0.3)
Utilisation of provision(1.6)(0.7)(0.2)(2.5)
Exchange difference(0.1)(0.2)(0.3)(0.6)
30 June 20174.
Included in current liabilities10.0
Included in non-current liabilities8.4

The restructuring provision relates to the costs associated with the closure of a number of Heat Treatment sites.

The Group provides for the costs of environmental remediation that have been identified, either as part of acquisition due diligence, or in other circumstances where remediation by the Group is required. This provision is reviewed annually and is separated into restructuring environmental and environmental to identify separately environmental provisions relating to restructuring programmes from those arising in the ordinary course of business.

The majority of cash outflows in respect of these liabilities are expected to occur within five years.

Whilst the Group's use of chlorinated solvents and other hazardous chemicals continues to reduce, the Group remains exposed to contingent liabilities in respect of environmental remediation liabilities. In particular, the Group could be subjected to regulatory or legislative requirements to remediate sites in the future. However, it is not possible at this time to determine whether and to what extent any liabilities exist, other than for those recognised above. Therefore, no provision is recognised in relation to these items.